The Best March Madness Promos Offered by Pennsylvania Online Casinos

March Madness is a time when the air is thick with anticipation and the stakes are high, both on the court and off. Pennsylvania, with its booming online casino scene, is no exception. February 2024 saw the state’s online casinos rake in a staggering $215.3 million, a record-breaking figure that speaks volumes about the region’s gambling environment.

Let’s explore how Pennsylvania’s online casinos up the ante with exclusive promos and bonuses tailored for bettors and casino players during the NCAA Tournament frenzy.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross  :   Published 19th April 2024

March Madness betting offers in PA online casinos

A Look at Pennsylvania’s Online Casino Triumph

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of March Madness promotions, it’s worth noting just how significant the online casino scene in Pennsylvania has become. The state set a U.S. record in February 2024, with online casino revenue reaching an all-time high. This achievement is a factor in the thriving gambling culture in Pennsylvania and a hint at the excitement March Madness brings to the table.

March has historically been a jackpot month for gambling revenue in the state, largely fueled by the NCAA basketball tournament. It’s a period when sports enthusiasts and casual bettors alike converge on platforms to try their luck, spurred by the games.

March Madness Specials: What’s on Offer?

Here, we’ll look at the betting offers and promotions available at three of the top online casinos providing services to Pennsylvania residents.

BetMGM Casino PA

BetMGM Casino PA is making waves with its “March Matchups” slot tournament. Participants stand a chance to win up to $30 in casino bonuses, turning each slot spin into a shot at victory. This initiative is a clever way to blend basketball and slots.

PlayLive! Casino PA

For those who favor the reels, PlayLive! Casino PA offers an enticing deal. By wagering $75 on select slots until March 20th, players can earn 15 bonus spins. This promo adds a layer of strategy to slot play, encouraging bettors to engage with their favorite titles while earning extra chances to win.

DraftKings Casino PA

DraftKings Casino PA is shooting for the stars with basketball-themed slots and table games. Their Basketball Blackjack is a standout, offering a unique twist on the classic game that’s perfect for NCAA Tournament fans. It’s a fun way to stay connected to the basketball action, even while engaging in a different kind of competition.

New User Promos

Across various major sportsbooks, new users are greeted with open arms and hefty bonuses. Offers include bonuses up to $4,800 for March Madness betting. These promos are designed to welcome newcomers to betting, with bet credits, bonus bets, and deposit matches all up for grabs. FanDuel’s “Bet $5, Get $200” and DraftKings’ “Bet $5, Get $150” are just the tip of the iceberg, providing a soft landing for first-time bettors.

The Betting Industry in Pennsylvania

In March 2023, Pennsylvania’s sports betting handle soared to $715 million, marking a significant increase from the previous month and the same period in 2022. This upward trend is not just about numbers; it’s about the growing community of bettors and the expanding opportunities for engaging with sports in a meaningful way. The online sports betting handle alone reached $667 million, indicating a robust preference for digital platforms among bettors.

Discover More at All PA Online Casinos

Looking to explore beyond March Madness? Almost all PA online casinos offer a wide collection of games, promotions, and experiences year-round. From slots to table games and beyond, there’s something for everyone.


Are the March Madness promotions available to all players?

Yes, the promotions are open to all players, but some offers, like those for new users, are specifically designed for individuals who are signing up for the first time. It’s always a good idea to check the terms and conditions for each promo to understand who is eligible.

How long do the March Madness promotions last?

The duration of each promotion varies. For instance, PlayLive! Casino PA’s offer of 15 bonus spins for wagering $75 on select slots is available until March 20th. Other promotions may last throughout the NCAA Tournament. Always refer to the specific details provided by each online casino.

Can I participate in more than one promotion?

Absolutely, you can take part in multiple promotions across different online casinos in Pennsylvania. Just make sure to meet the eligibility criteria for each promo and manage your bankroll wisely.

Do I need a special code to access these promotions?

Some promotions might require you to enter a specific code, while others will automatically apply once you meet the criteria. For instance, new user promos often ask for a code during signup. Always check the promotion details for guidance.

What happens if I win a bonus?

If you win a bonus, it will be credited to your casino account, usually with certain wagering requirements attached. This means you’ll need to bet the bonus amount a certain number of times before you can withdraw it as cash. The specifics can vary, so reading the bonus terms and conditions is required.

Can I withdraw the bonus bets or credits as cash?

Generally, you cannot immediately withdraw bonus bets or credits as cash. They must first be used for betting, and any winnings from those bets will then be subject to the casino’s wagering requirements. Once those requirements are met, the winnings can usually be withdrawn.

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