16 slot machine tips and strategies for beginners seeking wins from slots spins

Video slot machines are classic casino games that combine gambling entertainment with the prospect of winning cash. While ultimately a game of chance, certain tips and strategies can help beginners boost their odds and enhance the gameplay experience.

This article will provide novice slot players with techniques to sharpen their skills, understand slot machine logic, leverage available tools, and generally optimize the betting experience while enhancing the win potential.

By RealMoneyGames – Steve Cross  :   Published 24th September 2023

Strategies and tips for successfully playing online slots

Slot machines are the most popular games in many online casinos, mainly because of the high-quality experience they’ll deliver and the varied gameplay a player will enjoy. Playing carefully with several strategies and tips in mind can give any slots fan a good shot at enjoying several hours of hours of comfortable and enjoyable gambling.

Of course, most slots players are really dreaming of hitting a big jackpot and many will start their journey as a beginner with this intent in mind.

Unfortunately, this path towards a big win is not always successful since beginners don’t know all the features of slot machines and the best ways to play them.

So, let’s have a look at a few elements of slots gaming that someone starting out should consider:

Choose an honest and reliable online casino

This is obvious advice, but most beginners miss this aspect and do not pay enough attention to choosing a gambling platform. Whether you want to play slots or real money games, it is essential to play in an online casino that is reliable and honest.

How can you check this?

First of all, pay attention to the platform’s reputation on various forums or gambling resources containing online casino reviews. Research all the information about bonuses, conditions, payment methods, and available games to understand if the casino will deliver exactly what you want.

Pay attention to several specific aspects:

  • Licensing status – An online casino should hold an active gaming license from a reputable regulator like the Malta Gaming Authority or UK Gambling Commission, which requires meeting standards on fairness, security and responsible gambling. Unlicensed casinos operate illegally and can risk player funds or game integrity.
  • Evidence of quality certification – Top casinos obtain independent certifications like eCOGRA that audit and validate their RNGs, payout rates, and data protections via testing and reviews, providing transparency around operations. These increase trustworthiness levels.
  • Suitable payment methods – You won’t be playing any video slots for real money unless you’ve successfully funded a gambling account. Look for a wide range of casino account payment options like credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. They each have benefits and drawbacks, but generally cater to user preferences and facilitate convenient, fast deposits and withdrawals for real money play. Restrictive banking choices deter players.
  • Size and depth of game portfolio – keep an eye open for a large game selection including various slots, table games, live dealers and other options. Wide variety creates the best environments for enjoying diverse entertainment. Having games from top software developer studios provides quality. Too few titles or types limits gameplay variety.
  • Effective support services – Prompt 24/7 assistance via channels like live chat, email and phone from knowledgeable representatives indicates reliable customer care. Unresponsive or unhelpful service harms user experiences.

These are five basic points to consider that will quickly let you check and familiarize yourself on the likely safety and trustworthiness of a casino. They can be supplemented with other checks such as whether the casino concerned actually serves customers where you live.

Checking in advance on all these aspects will allow you to limit any worries about the honesty of online casinos and the safety of your money or personal data.

Practice in demo mode

Almost all slot machines you’ll find in online casinos are available to play in free demo mode, either in the casino you’ve selected or on the game developer’s website.

Playing for free lets you get acquainted with all the features, RTP, gameplay and rules without risks. You obviously won’t be able to win real money playing a demo slots version  but you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the functionality in detail. That level of familiarity will start you on the path to playing for real money.

It’s worth noting that online casinos sometimes require account registration for demo mode. If you don’t want to do this, you can play free on the game provider’s website without any restrictions. Just check the slot description of the provider, go to their website and enter the game’s name in the search bar. As a last resort, you can find another online casino where this function is available without registration.

One ideal way to practice playing slots for free but also with prospects of winning real money is with a sweepstakes casino like Chumba Casino.

In any case, for beginners, practicing in demo mode or with any other form of free play is can offer definite advantages.

Play slots tournaments

Slots tournaments provide a time-restricted competitive format where players race to accumulate points or the highest winnings across multiple spins. Tourneys incentivize winning in several ways:

  • Guaranteed prizes – Top finishers earn guaranteed payouts like cash, bonus funds, or free spins. Even finishing outside top ranks earns rewards.
  • Eliminates losses – Buy-ins provide a set bankroll so players cannot lose more than the upfront entry fee, unlike regular play.
  • Motivation – Having competition, leaderboards and prizes spurs more focused, aggressive slot play to maximize wins in the allotted time.
  • Reduced risk – With prizes distributed to top finishers, players can earn rewards with relatively low point totals compared to required jackpots from normal slots.
  • Strategy focus – The condensed timeframe promotes using optimal bet sizes and lines played for efficiency. Players concentrate on perfect slot machine strategy.

While limited timeslots add pressure, the structured format with guaranteed prizes promotes strategically maximizing slot wins above all else. This contrasts with unfocused regular play.

Study the paytables

Paytables are payout charts listing all possible winning symbol combinations and their associated prizes for a given slot machine. They provide valuable insight into the machine’s volatility and profit potential.

When selecting a slot, thoroughly review its paytable before playing. Identify higher value symbols that award bigger payouts for two, three or more matches. Also note any special high paying icons like wilds or scatters.

Compare paytables to find slots offering more frequent payouts through expanded wilds, cascading wins, or bonus re-spins after hits. These extend winning potential on a single bet.

Also evaluate slots with disproportionately large jackpots relative to regular prizes. A sizeable grand prize balances risk of dry spells between wins.

By determining which slots have more ways to win big through optimized paytables, players can gain an advantage. The savvy use of paytable data helps identify the most profitable machines worth playing for boosted winning odds.

Play slots with low stakes

It’s easy as a beginner to be a little too keen and jump in, placing large bets while thinking it’s easy to win. The simplicity of betting on the reels is also at play here, encouraging quick wagers.

Although slots do not have such active and complex gameplay as in real money card games, many novice gamblers think it is easy to win spinning the reels. Of course, you might win. But the likelihood is you’ll lose, just as most players lose on all forms of casino games.

So, first of all, play slots with low stakes, and if this feature is not available then change the game. You can raise stakes if you have a win. Taking this approach, you’ll protect your bankroll as far as possible and get the maximum enjoyment for your money.

Find the slots with the best features

Slots with more bonus games, free spin triggers, cascading reels and other features offer enhanced winning potential. These lead to bigger and more frequent payouts through multiple avenues.

  • Bonus Games – Mini-games within slots like picking chests or spinning bonus wheels grant instant prize payouts, often worth 50x+ bets. These provide value beyond regular spins.
  • Free Spins – Triggering free spins awards additional no-cost spins with boosted paylines or expanded wilds in the main game. Free rounds heighten volatility.
  • Cascading Reels – Symbols explode after wins, letting new icons cascade down to enable chained reaction wins from a single bet. This mechanism extends payouts.
  • Stacked Wilds – Wilds appearing stacked on reels in groups versus singly increase chances of completing more winning paylines per spin.
  • Scatters – Scatters pay out directly based on quantity landed anywhere on reels, adding a separate path to wins unrelated to paylines.

The more varied features offered, the higher the game’s entertainment value and win frequency. Players gain more avenues to possible payouts over both short and long-term sessions.

Use bonuses and promotions

Another pretty obvious tip, but newbies sometimes need to remember to pick up the welcome or no deposit bonus that’s typically offered by an online casino to attract new players.

Taking a welcome deposit bonus might mean doubling the value of your initial deposit amount and can vastly increase your playing bankroll. Extra free cash to use for wagers opens up the choice of slot machines.

The no-deposit bonus is worth mentioning separately. This is another tool for playing without risks in a similar to the demo mode, but here you play for real money and can win real cash. It sounds implausible, but it is true.

This type of bonus is usually much smaller than a typical deposit welcome package and normally ranges from $1 to $10. The casino simply gives this money to you so that you become familiar with the platform and stay as a depositing customer in future.

Try not to think of bonuses as free money that you can withdraw, though. There will be terms and conditions around any bonus that restricts what you can do with it.

These restrictions might be in the types of games you can play, but the main consideration is what’s known as a play-through or wagering requirement. Effectively, this means you can’t withdraw any winnings you’ve accrued until you’ve wagered a specified number of times the bonus amount.

Learn the skill of bankroll management and understand the impact of RTP

As mentioned earlier, beginners can quickly lose money by betting high. The same thing can happen if you play at low stakes but are actively betting in a non-stop way. In most cases, losses will build up because all casino games have an inherent house edge built in.

The house edge ensures the casino always wins over a period of time. For slots, it’s the RTP figure (return-to-player) that’s the most crucial to consider. For example, a slot with an RTP of 97% will return 97% of bet amounts to players as wins, whereas a slot with an RTP of 95% will return less. The first slot is likely the most advantageous for players.

What this means is that any slot will be a winner for the casino, but it’s how you manage your betting bankroll in combination with the RTP that can have most effect on whether you win or lose, and how much you might win or lose. Knowing the RTP is like taking a mathematical approach to the betting.

The essence of bankroll management is to allocate a specific and fixed amount of money that you can wager. You’ll be determining a fixed amount you can afford to potentially lose per session or month. Rigidly stick to this limit and avoid chasing losses to minimize risk.

In this case, even if you lose the entire amount you will be prepared for the loss and still enjoy the game. You can set a target to stop if you hit a certain win level.

The point is to be able to play for the maximum time, enjoy the game, and hopefully end up with more cash in your account than when you started.

Make use of casino loyalty programs

Most online casinos offer loyalty programs that reward frequent slot play with cashbacks, free spins, bonuses, and other perks. Joining these schemes incentivizes slot machine gambling in multiple ways:

  • Cashbacks – Get a percentage of losses back either automatically or by redeeming comp points earned on bets. This allows partial recovery from losing sessions.
  • Tailored Bonuses – Loyalty status unlocks special slot bonuses and promos like free spins, matched deposits, or loss rebates based on play history.
  • Personalized Offers – VIP hosts provide customized promotions and deals for high rollers including gifts, vacations, and enhanced support.
  • Comped Play – Earn free slot spins by accumulating comp points from wagering. This extends playtime at no cost.
  • Prize Draws – Status elevates odds of winning gadgets, vacations, or other lavish prizes through members-only slot machine jackpot draws.

Pay attention to bet sizing

Most slots require wagering maximum coins per spin to trigger progressive jackpots and bonus features. These provide the biggest payouts, so failing to bet the max severely limits top win potential.

For example, a slot may offer a 10,000x jackpot only when betting $3 per spin. Lower bets of $1 or $2 cannot win the grand prize. The maximum bet unlocks the slot’s true profit ceiling.

Additionally, all available bet levels must be played to enable bonus games and free spin triggers. A slot with 30 lines that pays bonuses by playing 20+ lines requires a 30 line wager to access key winning features.

Essentially, players that bet the minimums eliminate top prizes and benefits from contention. This substantially reduces potential payouts and frequency of bonus events over time.

To optimize winning odds and earn the lucrative advertised jackpots, players absolutely must bet the maximum coins and levels permitted each spin. While costlier per round, the unlocked profit potential more than offsets the extra expense.

Consider the game volatility or variance

Slot volatility, also called variance, refers to how often and in what amounts payouts occur. Higher volatility slots deliver less frequent but bigger wins, while lower volatility slots provide smaller but more regular payouts.

High volatility games can endure long dry spells before triggering massive jackpots worth thousands of times the bet amount. This creates intense suspense and highest profit potential, but bankroll management is crucial.

Low volatility slots ensure reliable wins, but these wins are typically capped at around 100-200x bets. The payouts allow low-risk play, but reduce chances for life-changing rewards. Conservative players benefit most.

Evaluate personal preferences around risk-taking, bankroll size, and desired payout frequency vs size. High rollers accepting big swings suit high volatility slots. Low rollers wanting steady play favor lower variance.

Trying free play demos can gauge comfort with a slot’s volatility. Reviewing community forum volatility ratings also helps select optimal variance based on play style and temperament. Targeting the right variance profile improves results.

Study gambling industry news for new slots machine releases

When casinos launch new slot games, they may initially program them with better-than-usual payout rates and bonus frequencies to build interest and attract players quickly.

As time passes, the casinos can then dial back payout generosity to fall in line with house edge targets. But at launch, the odds temporarily favor players.

Staying aware of newly premiered slots allows identifying ones in that brief introductory period before their settings are adjusted to reduce player advantages.

Checking casino news sites, promos, and browsing the “New Games” sections regularly keeps you aware of the latest slot debuts. Jumping on fresh titles fast lets you take advantage of the short-lived better odds.

Testing free play demos of launched-that-week slots provides data on their payout rates and bonus potentials before betting real money. Tracking platform release dates also helps spot newly deployed options.

By consistently exploring and evaluating newly launched slot games before the house edge increases, you can maximize the temporary player-friendly payout settings.

Consider avoiding branded slots titles

Slot machines themed around movies, TV shows, musicians or celebrities rely heavily on those brand associations rather than strong payout rates to attract players.

The familiar intellectual property provides enough player draw that the casinos don’t have to maintain as high RTPs or bonus frequencies on branded games to drive play.

As a result, movie, celebrity and band-themed slots tend to operate at wider house edges, less frequent payouts, and lower overall return-to-player rates.

By avoiding slots based on recognizable entertainment brands in favor of less flashy but better paying games, players gain better odds.

Original games designed around graphics and features catered to players rather than capitalizing on external intellectual property make giving players reasonable odds more of a priority.

Unless you value the branding above all else, avoid movie, TV, music and celebrity-licensed slot machines in favor of original games for superior long-term results.

Limit use of the Autoplay feature

Many slots allow rapid autoplay spinning, placing dozens of bets per minute by automatically spinning until stopped. However, this can accelerate losses.

Rushing through spins via quick autoplay doesn’t allow properly contemplating each individual wager’s outcome before placing the next. It diminishes any strategic approaches you might be taking.

You insert more thoughtfulness in play by manually activating each spin. Those few extra moments thinking between spins improve deliberation.

If you’re determined to use autoplay, set longer delays between spins wherever possible. This delay between spins will at least provide some assessment time before the next automatic wager.

Slowing down from frenzied autoplay rushing forces you to consider factors like stake sizes, volatility, and current wins/losses more judiciously per spin.

While not as exhilarating visually, controlled and mindful spin speed sustains optimal decision-making.

Set playing time limits

We’ve seen that the house edge favors casinos over extended playing periods. Setting a time limit for any one gaming session caps exposure and reduces cumulative losses. Ideal sessions last 30-60 minutes.

Short bursts force focusing on optimal play, rather than mindless long-term spinning. Winning streaks also often materialize quickly. Walking away protects profits.

Knowing time is limited incentivizes selectively identifying and playing the best slot options rather than jumping around recklessly. This intentional strategy boosts wins.

Take frequent breaks

Marathon slot play causes mental fatigue and can lead to sub-optimal adherence to effective playing strategies and careless wagering. Regular 10-20 minute breaks are advisable.

Stepping away allows evaluating wins/losses objectively. You can then adjust bets, swap games, or stop entirely with a clear head.

Breaks disrupt streaks of frustration, irritation, and desperation that encourage reckless betting. These “tilt” emotions prompt over-extending.

Brief pauses for food, drink or rest are vital for sustaining optimal focus and decision-making during slots play. The mental reset maintains and fosters a winning mindset.


Our exploration of tips and strategies that a slots player can use to enhance winning chances has unearthed an extensive list. Using all of them will place any player into a much stronger position than just signing up with an online casino, depositing betting funds, and finding the first slot that seems to be appealing.

Understanding slot paylines and structures gives beginners insight into how winning combinations are formed. Learning to interpret pay tables informs proper bet sizing based on potential payouts.

Free spin features and progressive jackpots add more winning chances. Playing at higher denominations presses volatility in the player’s favor.

Practicing bankroll management tactics like stopping limits curbs overspending. Loyalty programs provide comps and extra payouts. Apps assist tracking performance. While regular losses will occur, using max bet, auto spin, and other options accelerates play. Boolean operators refine online slot research.

Ultimately, consistent winning is unlikely long-term, but tactical play raises winning frequency. Optimizing betting amounts, game selection, and bankroll control allows extending playing time. Though driven by random outcomes, slot machines have nuances that a player at any level can leverage to boost enjoyment.


We’ll finish up here with a few frequently-asked questions. After which it’ll probably be a great time to find a video slot that you think will get you some nice wins, and practice the strategies to see if they’ll deliver the required result.

Does the paytable show all possible winning combinations for a slot machine?

Yes, the paytable lists all potential winning symbol combinations and the payout amount for each one.

Can you win real money prizes in slot tournament play?

Yes, slot tournaments offer guaranteed real money prizes to top finishers, unlike free demo play.

Do casinos adjust payout rates over time after new slots launch?

Yes, casinos often start new slots with better odds, then lower generosity after they attract players.

Does autoplay spinning slow down losses compared to manual spins?

No, autoplay rushing often accelerates losses versus manual deliberate spins.

Are branded slot machines best for long-term profits?

No, branded slots based on movies and celebrities tend to have lower payout rates than original games.

What is bankroll management for slots?

Bankroll management involves allocating a fixed budget for slots wagering per session and rigidly sticking to loss limits.

What are comp points in slot machine loyalty programs?

Comp points are credits earned from slots wagering that can be redeemed for free play bonuses, cashback, and rewards.

What is variance in slot machines?

Variance refers to the frequency and size of payouts, with high and low variance indicating less or more frequent wins respectively.

What are cascading reels in slot features?

Cascading reels explode winning symbols, letting new icons cascade down to enable chain reaction wins from a single bet.

What are slot tournament play formats?

Slot tournaments are competitions where players race to accumulate points or highest winnings in a limited timespan.

What steps help identify good slots?

The steps that help in identifying good slots include reviewing paytables, testing with free play, checking RTP rates, and researching new titles.

What aspects does bankroll management cover?

Bankroll management includes loss limits, win goals, session budgets, bet sizing, and walking away.

What breaks are advisable during slots play?

Recommended breaks include pauses for refreshment, evaluation, stretching, restroom, and re-focusing.

How does RTP compare between original and branded slot games?

Original slots generally have higher RTPs than branded slots based on movies or celebrities.

How does variance compare between high and low volatility slots?

High variance slots have less frequent wins with bigger payouts than low variance games.

How does tournament play compare to regular slots sessions?

Tournaments incentivize aggressive maximized play versus unfocused regular sessions.

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