Basic Introduction to Poker Rakeback

Understand the basics of rakeback in online poker and build your knowledge sufficiently to make the most of it

Poker Rakeback For Beginners

If you’re looking to make money playing online poker regularly and grinding out a profit without playing in tournaments then playing at a poker site that offers rakeback is definitely something you’ll want to consider. Basically rakeback sites do exactly what the term implies – they give you a predetermined percentage back of the rake that you generate. It’s just about the only way to earn money playing poker even when you lose, and you can even take advantage of it after collecting welcome bonuses.

When you’re on a rakeback deal you don’t need to do anything extra, the rake percentage you receive back gets automatically credited to your account. (The rake of course is the cut of the pot generated in each hand that the poker room takes as it’s profit).

This places rakeback firmly at the core of any poker strategy for serious players where getting this percentage of rake back in your account can mean the difference between overall loss or profit. Shopping around for the best deals can be worthwhile as the rakeback percentage varies from room to room.

There are some key elements to consider if you’re looking to become a rakeback player, and here I’ll lay out the two main basics which will help you get the best out of any potential deals:

1. Player volumes

You’ll find some of the biggest rakeback offers on the smaller poker sites which attract very few players – of course these sites are trying to get more players, hence the attractive looking deals. The chances are that these smaller sites are servicing a disproportionate number of winning players, and as such your winning potential may be lower.

2.  Multi-tabling

For any player looking to grind out a profit, multi-tabling is close to a necessity. You’ll want to be getting as many hands played as possible to ensure that any small percentage that you’re winning over a period of time is amplified. Multi-tabling, or playing at multiple tables at the same time, is one way of increasing your overall profit margins. Most major poker rooms offer multi-tabling capability within their poker software.

So how can you make sure you’re getting a good deal?

Well the obvious answer if you’re already registered with a specific poker room is to ask them – a mail or call to support should get an answer on this. The alternative if you want to shop around is to use a dedicated rakeback review site – there are a number of good poker sites that offer valuable information on the best deals that are available. is a portal type website with easy to follow rakeback comparison tables, while offers a small table on it’s homepage that shows how much rakeback you can expect to receive during an average playing session.

To summarise, if you’re a regular poker player and you don’t have a rakeback deal, you’re almost certainly leaving money on the table which would be better off in your pocket. Of course, there are other ways of ensuring you get the best value from your poker games – taking advantage of the free bankroll offer is a good example, but don’t forget also that there are some valuable poker bonuses on offer at most poker rooms which also serve to increase your bankroll.

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