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With a subject as big as online casinos we could write a thousand pages and still leave room for more. So it’s going to be helpful to break it down into bite size pieces. You’ll be able to use this page of RealMoney101 as a hub for anything on our subject.

Let’s start by defining an online casino.

And it’s fascinating….

We can define casinos (and in particular the online variety) as….

Real money gaming destinations that provide easy access to high octane, thrill enriched gaming entertainment, either free or at a cost, delivering ways of winning money by playing games but also carrying (significant) risks of losing your money.

You ‘pay’ for the entertainment (read gamble). It gives you a chance to win your ‘payment’ back (plus extra) in return for that entertainment.

But there are many factors which determine if the payment you make is a fair price for the entertainment you get. 

So at a high level, that’s our definition.

But that’s not enough right? There’s a reason why online pages written about casinos number the tens of thousands, maybe even millions.

If you have even minimal knowledge of casino gaming you’ll know that it’s truly multi-faceted, and to get an in depth understanding you’ll need to know…..

  • Who the casinos are that you can trust with your cash, whether they’re recommended, regulated, safe, and secure, who has the best software…and most importantly which ones give the best payout percentages.
  • Where and how to find them. How to use online reviews to decide which one(s) to use.
  • Whether it’s legal for you to play, dependant on which region of the world you live in.
  • If it is legal for you to play, which casinos will work for you.
  • How you can get your money in. And out!
  • Whether you’re suited to casino gaming. What those risks are, ways to manage them, and if caution or a fearless high roller attitude is best.
  • What types of games you can play. How to play them. Which ones give the best (or worst) chances of winning, and the tips & strategies to use (if any) that improve those chances of winning.
  • The different ways to play – against the house, or against opponents in tournament-style environments.
  • What’s good about playing live dealer
  • Why the odds are always against you and in favour of the casino.
  • What you can do to reduce those odds and increase playing time. Can you use skill? Or is it always down to luck?
  • What bonuses, promotions, and VIP programmes are, where to find them, the different types, and which ones are best to use.
  • Whether taking advantage of free games is worth it.
  • How to keep it all fresh with new offers, places to play, & new and innovative types of games.
  • Which additional resources you can use to supplement everything you already know.
  • Which new online casinos are worth a look in.

Take a deep breath!

I mentioned earlier that it’s a fascinating subject.  I also said you’ll find hundreds of thousands of online pages on casinos only a few clicks away.

Now you know why. On both counts.

Our aim on RealMoney.games is to make sure you don’t need to search for the answers. They’re all right here.

But rest assured, if we know of information on other sites that’s valuable or can answer queries better than we can then we’ll give you links to it. And if you can’t find anything you need, just drop us a line. We’ll always respond.

Lastly, for this hub page, it will do no harm by ending up with a warning. It’s also covered in the 15 key questions above.

The word to take notice of is ‘risk’.

Gambling – whether in a casino,  betting on online sports, playing poker, or a myriad of others – carries risk.

Risk of losing money. Risk of affecting your health, or affecting others around you, or both.

You need to exercise extreme caution, and be fully aware of your limits and your potential for addiction. You’ll see the words ‘gamble responsibly’ or ‘responsible gambling’ often bandied about.

Take note of them.

The RealMoney.Games responsible gambling page is here.

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