How To Maximise Your Profits From Casino Games 

Out of all the ways to play games for real money, the games you’ll find in a casino will often deliver some of the highest levels of fun and excitement. They’re not alone in this of course, with real cash skill games also presenting opportunities for some high octane fun.

But the skill factor in casino gaming is not so important – skill here is more limited to understanding of game strategies and being sure of how to play.

So if skill is not as big a deal, just how do you increase your chances of winning some cash from some of those great casino games?

The key to winning money in any form of gambling is consistency (often along with some big slices of luck – as you’ll be well aware!). You’ve probably realised you’re not going to win in every single bet, gambling, or gaming session – you just need to win more than you lose. That difference between wins and losses is your profitability margin, and it’s usually quite small.

On this page we’ll take a look at a handful of ways to get the most out of a casino gaming session and give the best chances of ending up with more cash than you began with.

How Much Profit Can You Expect

The main reason that casino games offer high levels of excitement is from their volatility. At any point you can it a big jackpot on a video slot game, land a running flush in a 3 card poker hand, or watch a roulette ball drop on to the single number you’ve selected with a sizeable wager.

But these are fairly rare.
Most professional punters will be extremely content with a 10% margin i.e. winning 55 of every 100 same-size bets placed. If they bet $100 per event, they will end up winning $1,000 (for each 100 bets placed).

Successful online poker players will be happy with even a 1%-2% margin on their wagering, and even blackjack card counters are not likely to to win more than 51-52% of their bets. In order to be a profitable gambler you have to fully comprehend this concept.

3 Ways to Push The Edge In Your Favour

If we accept that an overall series of small wins over time offers the best chances of making a profit (while still hoping for the odd big win of course), we need to be looking for some of the ways to achieve just that….. 

1. Play Free Games

In this context ‘free’ means you’re not actually risking any of your own cash right? So obviously anything you win counts as profit?

Well actually this may be the case yes, although ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘free’ as such. You’ll find free games offered just for fun or practice, totally free games offered as promotions in their own right, and free games offered as part of a bonus for making a deposit.

And it’s slots fans that are most likely to see these options.

Free slots games for fun clearly won’t get you a cash return,so let’s rule those out for now.

Totally free games where you can win cash are rarely available, but do come up from time to time. They are worth watching out for.

What you are most likely to encounter are free slots spins which are offered as part of a bonus – either as the bonus itself (example: deposit $50 get 50 free slots spins), or as an enhancement to a cash bonus (example: deposit $50, get $100 bonus cash + 20 free slots spins).

As to where to take advantage of these type offers, you’ll want a reputable casino like 888 where free slots with bonus promotions are regularly available.


2. Avoid Leaking Cash

Let’s take a look at a few examples of areas where you might be leaking cash that would be better making up part of your bankroll. 


If you win $2,000 at the blackjack table, and you tip the dealer for $200, you are killing off your profit margin. Although $200 doesn’t seem like a lot in a hot night when you have won a substantial amount of money, you have to realise the dealer won’t tip you back when you lose. 

Travel expenses

Playing online solves this problem, but if you’re into bricks and mortar casino gaming it does have an impact to consider.
This could be domestic travel (which incur gas expenses, or taxi), and it could be overseas travel as well. If you’re going to player poker abroad, because you could find much softer tables there, and you end up winning $5,000 over a nice weekend in Italy, when you factor in your travel and accommodation expenses, you’ll soon realize this weekend has been hardly profitable for you. 

Banking fees

Whether you’re playing online using different eWallets like Neteller or Paypal, or playing abroad, banking will be a major factor for you.

eWallets are notorious for their extreme fees. For every dollar you earn and withdraw back to your bank account or credit card, there will be some hefty fees ranging between 1-2%. When currency exchange is involved, you’ll be paying as much as 6% of your earnings. That means that even a pro poker player will slash off his margins completely using them.

Banks are also extremely expensive when it comes to moving money abroad. When you wire transfer abroad or wire transfer from abroad to your bank account, expect to pay fixed fees of up to $50 per transfer and up to 3% of the total value of that transfer in exchange rate markups. If you have just won an EPT event for a million Euro prize, you may have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.


Other Ways Of Improving Your Bottom Line

The key towards increasing your profit margin is first and foremost awareness. It may pay to consider elements either outside of or related to gaming into your calculations, and increase your prospects that way.


Generally Reducing Expenses

We all want great deals or to shave off some costs here or there, so it’s worth considering how to reduce your expenses while still maintaining a lifestyle you enjoy. A good example would be to use websites like SkyScanner to book your flights for cheap.


Keep Healthy

You could also pay good attention to your health and maintain a routine that will prevent you from gaming-related medical issues down the line (which is recommended regardless of the money saving induced).


Understand Your Betting Processes

All of this of course is on top of the considerations you’ll need to be making in your actual betting operations – choosing what, where, when, and how to place your bets. In particular, saving money wherever you can will be of the utmost importance wherever you’re making low but consistent profit margins, no lose betting being a good example.


Looking for ways of maximising any cash returns from playing casino games is as important as with any form of gambling. It’s great that you’ll get a lot of fun at the casino,but we all want to end up winning right?

In a future article we’ll look at how you can use the casino card games specifically to improve your chances. For example which games give the best possibilities and which can give the best returns from attention to specific strategies.

For now, make sure you use some of the examples above to help increase your returns fromthe games you want to play.

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