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Where To Play

If you’re keen to use your type of skill and see exactly what’s available you’re going to want a full list of cash skill games websites, but as a quick starter here are some of the most popular:

For any India-based players the mobile app Ewar Games is worth a look. Free play, head to head matches, and tournaments are all available to any user.

GameGully is another app for Indian game fans where you can play a game with cash prizes going to winners.

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How & Where To Play Skill Games Online For Real Money Prizes

There are plenty of ways of playing online skill games for money. If you play skill-based real money games, you need ability and a good level of expertise to be successful. If you’re one of those players with talent in any game, it will often result in a good chance of winning some cash. Indeed, playing games where you need to use skill to win is high up on the list of best games for winning money online.

Luck will still play a part in the outcomes of cash skill games even if you can display a decent level of competence. This reliance on luck may be small, but the major factor is in being more skilled at gaming than your opponents. If you can achieve that, the chances are you can use your abilities to win money in the long term.

There’s no doubt that playing with skills can be great fun. Playing a game to win cash prizes using your skill makes the experience even better.

On this page, we’ll take a detailed look at the different types of skill-based games you can play for real money. We’ll also cover some other important aspects:

  • Identifying a fairly exhaustive list of skill game websites where you can play them online.
  • How to find the best real money skill game site and which one will give you the best skill cash winning opportunities.
  • How easy it is to play and how you can improve your winning chances.
  • Whether playing skill games for real money is legal and if they are fair.
  • Some additional resources that will help increase your understanding of how playing in skill-based contests and competitions might (if you’re strong enough) build up a nice-sized bankroll.

By the end of the article you’ll have a clear guide to the techniques to use. It will also be much clearer on which skill gaming opportunities will work for you.

Of course, you may know all about skill cash games already and just want to test your skills.

If that’s the case, two skills games websites, in particular, are worth looking into. Known as Gamersaloon and Gameduell, they’re trustworthy operators that have both been running both head to head contests and cash prize tournaments for a number of years. They both offer a wide game selection with a variety of puzzle game options too, many ready to be played for a low entry fee.

If the type of game of skill you want to play is more focused on intellect, then it’s probably trivia you’ll want to be considering. Or you could decide to focus on arcade games, word games, or opt for some forms of puzzle games instead.

Playing at an online casino is traditionally associated with chance or luck, but as we’ll see there are also opportunities to enjoy casino skill games too.

We should also mention the option of playing with skills in a game based on a game show. These are wildly popular for a number of reasons.

So you can see that gaming with skills comes in many forms. For example, you can argue that some casino games you can play – although generally purely luck-based – do require some mastery from a strategic perspective in order to have any chance of winning over time.

Also, there are options for betting on games which include all types of sports for example tennis, soccer, and basketball, and a raft of others. You can even bet on Esports and virtual sports. Each of these offers skillful players or bettors some good prospects of using their capability to come out ahead.


How To Play

Don’t forget the options for how to play as well. There are plenty, ranging from a tablet, laptops, or PCs through to Apple iOS devices such as an iPad or iPhone, and Android platform devices where you’ll be getting the games from the Google Play Store.


Be aware of the risks.

Before we move on to some detail…… Remember that wagering to make money on the outcome of an event – be it betting or as a stake in a contest – often involves the risk of losing that money.

The potential of losing money is obviously higher in games of chance but is still there when skills are involved. If that worries you, there’s an alternative – some of the social casino websites where the games include some based on skill. These social sites ways you can play for free where quite often you’re playing for virtual cash, though some do offer ways to win real money too.

Whatever you decide to do, always be cautious and read the RealMoney.Games responsible gambling page before you take any risk.

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