Casino Promotions

Casino Promotions

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Playing casino games is great fun. But having fun isn’t the only thing we want from an online casino visit, right? We want to end up with more cash than we started with. Ideally a lot more cash.
So how do we do that when we know the odds are always against us. Those casinos are damn good at taking our money and keeping it.
One way is to always be clued up on which games offer the best odds for the player, and another is to study game strategies to be able to match the house as far as possible.
Fortunately the casinos are also open to giving us some help in the form of promotions and bonuses. Bonuses are a big subject and deserve a whole dedicated section here on Gamblersfever, so for now we’ll focus on promotions that give you extra playing value.
Every casino runs theses promotions – mainly to try and entice new players, but sometimes to give loyal existing players an extra reason to remain loyal. If you know where to look for these offers – and the different types running – then you’re on a good footing to have a chance of getting the most entertainment for your money.

Here we’ll take a look at the various types of promotions on offer. By the end of this page you’ll have a good idea of how you can take advantage of them, what the drawbacks are (if any), and where to get them. 

We’ll be listing any valuable new promos we see as they’re announced, but always remember that they may not be exactly the same across different regions of the world, so be sure to double check that any we list are open to residents in the country you reside in before you try and cash in on them.

Latest Promotions


BGO Casino – Win A Mini Classic Retro Rewind Promotion.

Pretty straightforward for this offer from BGO, all you need to do is play eligible games and earn tickets to prize draws. The draws have daily prizes while the end of the month will see one lucky punter driving away a retro Mini car worth £21000.

To join in, just deposit £15 for your first ticket and every time you deposit the same amount it gets you another prize draw ticket which is eligible to win the daily and end of month prize. Wager £25 on any game from Flintstones, Rocky, Space Invaders, Wheel of Fortune, Cleopatra, Da Vinci Diamonds, Jimi Hendrix and Guns n Roses and get two tickets.

That’s not all! Every player who gets involved also gets 10 free spins on Space Invaders slot for every 10 tickets they earn up to a maximum of 100 free spins.

32Red Casino King Promotion

To win a share of £2,500 all you’ll need to do is play roulette or blackjack at 32Red this week. Collect points as you play and climb the leaderboards for each game in an attempt to end up in the top 50. Make the grade and you’ll share in the prize pot.

First prize will net you £500, second prize £300, third prize £200, fourth and fifth £100, with progressively smaller amounts down to 50.

Types Of Casino Promotions

The types of promotion you’ll find in online casinos are almost limitless, with the PR people constantly coming up with new ideas to keep gamblers happy. They can include anything from sign up or no deposit bonuses to prizes of all types, free slots spins, free casino tournament entries, and giveaway contests. Some online casinos even give away random amounts of free cash to players without warning! 

On top of all this there are the VIP schemes which are also a form of promotional activity. Pretty much all of them will appeal to many of us in one way or another.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of casino promotions….




I mentioned earlier that the subject of casino bonuses needs a section all to itself, but it would be wrong not to highlight bonuses here as one of the most valuable (and well-used) forms of promoting a casino to existing and potential new players.

The main difference between bonuses and other forms of promotion is that bonus offers tends to be longer term (you’ll see the same bonus offered for many months or maybe even years), whereas other offers tend to be more short-lived (running over a month for example).

Bonus types include first deposit, reload, no deposit, and a whole host of variations on these. You can find detailed info on all of these on the Gamblersfever bonus page.


Free Slots Spins

Although they’re actually akin to a bonus, free slots spins offers abound in many online casinos. Essentially you’re getting free tries at winning rather than the extra chips in your account, but it all amounts to the same thing. Obviously they’re offered on slot machines, more often as part of an attempt to promote a brand new slots title, but sometimes you will see them as part of a general promotional offer.

All online casinos offer slots games – many with hundreds of titles – and some of these run regular free spin promos, but you’ll most likely see free slots spins at the dedicated slots websites.


Free Games


Many casinos offer free games which you can try out without any risk of losing cash (or winning it either of course). Occasionally though the casinos will offer free cash play where you do get to keep the winnings. These types of offer will be few and far between, so keep your eyes open for them.



Tournaments are hugely popular, given they offer a great way to get some gambling entertainment for a one off cash fee. You know exactly how much you’ve wagered and how much you might win. For
 a small entry fee, you can maybe get hours of play.

Slots tournaments are the most likely you’ll find. though occasionally you’ll see a blackjack or some other casino card game tournament offered.


Happy Hours


If you’re not familiar with the concept of happy hours, you’ve probably not visited a bar at 5pm on a Friday. Happy hours are periods of time – normally an hour but could be longer – where you get something extra for free or at a reduced price.

Happy Hour casino promotions are often seen as an enhancement to a regular bonus, for example you’ll get an extra 20% if you deposit cash between certain times.

Free Casino Chips

Often given to players randomly, it’s always a nice surprise to see a bankroll increase for nothing. The top casinos regularly give away free bankroll money to their players, sometimes as a thank you for playing regularly, sometimes as an incentive to come back and play some more.


Competitions & Contests


Casinos regularly run competitions which offer prizes to players, either in tournaments or draws.

These might be awarded for reaching specified numbers of player VIP points, or in one off prize draw competitions where you may get awarded raffle tickets for playing through specified amounts on nominated games.

Prizes on offer in these types of promotions can include free flights, holidays, cruises, technology products, and games. Oh, and cash prizes too of course.




Giveaways really sit firmly in the bracket of free cash or prize promotions. They are what they say they are, with the casino giving away prizes either for a reason (ie meeting the criteria of the giveaway rules) or just at random.

Clearly it’s well worth watching out for casino giveways that don’t involve depositing or wagering significant amounts of cash. Find one and you’ll get the best of all worlds – enjoy the games, maybe win some chips, plus reduce the amount you might lose in order to get the win.


How To Take Advantage of Promotions

How best to take advantage of any promotional offer depends on what it’s for, and more precisely what you have to do to get it.

Much will depend on what you want to get out of it. What do you like best? If it’s playing in slots tournaments that floats your boat, then obviously you’ll want to look out for offers like free slots tournament entries. If slots is your game but not specifically tournaments, then watch out for slots related promotions like free spins offers or enhanced slots bonuses.

Always remember that in casino gaming the odds are always in favour of the casino and against you, so you won’t find ways to take advantage other than making the most of the actual offers on the table in front of you. This can be in increased playing time or more chances to win with less money risked.


Where To Find Casino Promotions?

There’s a pretty straightforward answer to this one – right here on we’ll be reporting on any we find as they’re announced. Just visit the new casino promotions section above.

 If you’re already a registered player with a specific casino then most likely you’ll get a popup message on signing in to tell you of anything new. You may also get emailed. And you’ll most likely be getting spam emails all the time, but remember never to click on these.

If you’ve found a new casino to play at – perhaps by seeing a promotional offer here – then you’re going to need to register. Remember that many casinos will offer sign up bonuses, so don’t forget to take them up on any bonus offer at the same time. Most likely you can do both – take the bonus and  enter for the promotion.

More Resources


Although this is a fairly detailed promotions page, it’s near impossible to cover everything. Let’s not forget that there are plenty of other websites or pages which will also have some useful info on our subject…..

As a starter, you won’t be able to beat some of the info you can get from the channels on popular social networks – FacebookYoutube, and Twitter.

 Other than that, finding other offers is easy. Just search ‘casino promotions’ in Google and you’ll see all of the top 30 or 40 results are links to dedicated pages of all the leading online casinos.

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