Card games are well known and much loved games in the casinos, but they're open to the same issues of staleness as other casino games. That's why developers and other industry insiders are always on the lookout for a fresh perspective, and is one of the reasons for the introduction of a skill element into cash gaming. Blackjack is one such card game that's tried, trusted, and popular, but isn't seeing the same volumes of players recently. In an effort to introduce something new to entice players, The Colorado Gaming Commission has given approval for a new way to play the game.  

Introducing Blackjack Burnout

Created by a casino dealer - Angel Espino - this version uses the enhancement of allowing a player to burn or dispose of a card that they perceive as not helping their hand. The potential benefits are obvious right? Think of how many times you've been dealt a picture card and a low card of 2-5, with the dealer showing a picture or ten. The odds are heavily against you whether you stick or take another card. In Blackjack Burnout you'll be able to discard or 'burn' the rubbish card and try again. In another scenario you could be doubling down with 11 showing and expecting to get the 10 but don't. You can now throw away that 'bad' card and go for another one. Clearly you'll only be able to burn once in a hand, but by playing optimal blackjack strategies it's indicated by the developer that your advantage will sit at around 17.4 percent.  

The Bad News?

17.4 percent? Not a good figure for the casino is it? With potential losses for the house of that magnitude they just won't be offering the game. The solution looks to be to offer Burnout as an enhancement to standard blackjack gaming within the same game - an enhancement you pay to have, for example for every 10 dollar chips played you may have to pay the casino two. in other words, a house fee.  

Trial & Introduction

Blackjack burnout has reportedly been trialled at The Saratoga Casino in Black Hawk. If approved at review stage in early 2018, it could then be offered in other state casinos and eventually find its way online. If successful, we could also see Burnout introduced into other casino card games. In fact Espino already introduced the idea of Texas Holdem Burnout when first unveiling the Blackjack version at the "Cutting Edge Table Games Conference" in Las Vegas last year.  

More Information

For more info see the excellently designed official Blackjack Burnout website and/or the Wizard of Odds game review page. 
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