FAQ About Real Money Games

How do you earn, win, make, or get money playing games?

So you’ll notice these questions either refer to winning, getting, making, or earning money. In other words, for you to end up in a position where you have more cash than when you started.

The interesting point is they can all mean different things, but at the same time they’re inter-related. You can win money playing all of the different games you’ll find on our comprehensive list, particularly any games that need skill to win the cash prizes

As a by-product you do of course get it, you’ve earned it by your efforts, and equally you’ve made it because now you have more!

All that’s assuming you do win of course, and there are risks that you won’t. Those risks are very high where online casinos or many forms of betting are involved, but not so high where skills are needed.

But making, getting, or earning money can be done in different ways online too.

Sure you can do it by playing, but there are many other ways to make, get, or earn extra cash that don’t have betting or wagering requirements. These are outside of the scope of this site, but as examples they might include business related activities like building websites, writing articles, or in fact building any form of online business.

This article at SaveTheStudent.org may be a good place to start, it carries some suggestions which might work for anyone.


What are real money games? | What is a real money game?

The term real money games refers to all games that can be played in some form for cash prizes, although is often specifically applied to the subject of real money casino games.

In reality there are many other different types, and within each of those often many different forms or variations where you can play for cash.

What game can I play to win real money? | What games give you real money? | What games actually give you real money?

The list of real money games is extensive. Typically the main types of online games that tend to be considered first are:

What is the best game to win real money?

This depends on whether you’re searching for the easiest game, the fastest, the most entertaining, or the one most likely to give you the best chances of winning. 

The best one for you is going to be the one that meets the criteria for what you want to get out of it.

  • If you want to chance to luck and play for fast returns then opening a casino games, instant win scratchcards, or lotteries account could be the right choice. In fact choosing one from a reliable online casino and opening a gambling account would perhaps be the best choice, especially if it comes with welcome bonuses. 
  • If you’re an avid video gamer it’s more likely that using skill or getting involved in cash contest video game tournaments will be high up on your ‘best’ list. 
  • If you want to play with absolutely no risk of losing your own cash, the best for you will be those that cost nothing to play. 

Taking all factors into account any forms of playing that require a certain amount of skill in order to do well are probably the best overall. These types will offer the best combination of factors – chance of winning, highest entertainment value, and low outlay/risk.  

What gambling is easiest to win? | What real money games are easiest to win? 

This depends on whether you mean easiest to get a win, or easiest to win over time. 

For example, it’s easy to play roulette or other table games at a casino site, bet on red or black, and you have just under a 50/50 chance of winning on each spin of the wheel. The law of averages state that it won’t be long before you have a win. But over time it’s highly likely you’ll lose because every online casino is clever at making that happen. 

The easiest to win over time is by playing tournaments (or other forms of gaming requiring skill), simply because they do require skill and if you have it then you will have an advantage over other players. 

The easiest to win if playing casino games is probably 3 card poker or video poker, but even then the odds are still against you.

What apps pay you real money to play games?

This is a question that’s more focused on mobile apps, and best answered on the mobile apps page.

What games can you play for free and win real money?

There are ways to find or get free play options in most types of games, although often they’re offered as sign up or loyalty bonuses. You’ll find the best online casinos offer good match bonus deals.

It’s possible to win with a no deposit bonus in an online casino, though there will be bonus wagering requirements which will be difficult to overcome.

There are social gaming poker and real money casino games online that offer cash returns for playing without having to risk any of your own.

Social poker sites like NLOP Poker and Chumba Casino are worthy of note, but it’s always going to be the online casinos that give the best chances.

What are bonuses and extra bankroll money?

You’ll often get help in the form of additional money as an incentive to sign up for an account. That may mean free money to play with in the form of a bonus, although not all game types have this. Those that do – online poker, online casinos, slots games, bingo, and lotteries are all good examples – will present versions of these offers mainly for new first time depositors but occasionally for regular players.

Casino bonuses in particular are very often highly valuable, and will add to your dollar, GBP, or Euros bankroll.

Just note that if you win after accepting a bonus offer, there will be rules and criteria in the terms and conditions that prevent you withdrawing those winnings to ensure the operator has had a chance to get them back. This is known as play-through, and is a price you have to pay where bonuses are concerned.

Accepting a bonus may not be quite as good for your wealth as it first seems, but if you’re playing more as a form of entertainment then accepting a bonus offer is nearly always a no brainer.

What devices can you play real money games on?

Most real money online gambling games can be enjoyed by players on mobile phones (Android, iOS iPhone, etc) or other similar devices, on laptops or PC’s, and even on TVs. You can play them on download or in browser, or (in some countries) on cash game apps from places like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Some of the games you’ll find in app stores are free, but most entail a risk where you’ll need to deposit some cash to your account in order to place your stake, strike a bet, or submit a buy in.

Why would you want to play games for money?

Most players will get involved solely with the intent of winning some cash. However all forms offer varying levels of entertainment or excitement.

Those that are free to play clearly offer free entertainment value, while those that involve a stake, bet, buy-in, or investment of any form can be seen as providing entertainment in return for that investment.

Live dealer games at online casinos are great for excitement. When combined with a good value match bonus at one of the best online casinos they can really take that excitement to a new level.

So the bottom line is that most of us will seek out cash gaming in order to win cash, but given the risk you might lose your existing bankroll doing so, then you should consider it as an investment in your entertainment.

As long as you don’t lose too much, that’s a useful way to take the edge off losing.

When Can You Play?

Most forms of online gambling can be played at any time of day or night, and 365 days a year. Certainly any casino would operate in that way, as would online poker rooms.

Some forms of online gambling may be available as scheduled events, and this particularly applies to cash tournaments or lotteries.

Where can I play for real money? | Where can I play from?

Games can of course be played at online gambling sites or as live ‘in-person’ events.

From an online perspective, there are hundreds of websites and apps dedicated to providing either specific or multiple types of cash prize opportunities. Visit the individual pages dedicated to these for more detailed information, you can get to them via the section below.

Regarding where you can play from we may either be talking about devices (which we cover in the how to play section) or whether you’re allowed and able to play from the country where you live.

This takes us into the area of legal gambling, and the answer is that it varies wildly depending on local regulations. The advice here is to always check local laws before registering. This is especially important if an online casino is involved, since most restrictive regulations are always around games of chance.

Who can play real money games?

From a legality perspective it depends on where you live or from what region you are playing from.

As examples – in the US it depends on what state you live in (a number of US states have recently regulated both poker and online casino gaming), while for other countries like Australia, the Philippines, and India the regulations can be more complicated.

Similar to the US and UK, in many countries you can play online as long as it’s with gambling operators that are licensed by a local regulatory authority. New Zealand is a good example, where there are many new casinos opening all the time such as SkyCity online. This casino has generated a lot of interest and allows kiwi players to play for real money. To find the best online casinos, click here for a curated list that will appeal to NZ players.

The bottom line is that as long as it’s legal where you live, you’re old enough, and you have internet access and a device to play on, then clearly you’re able to get involved.

How do you play real money games?

Local currencies from  can be used to deposit to an account, play with, and win. Depending on where you are, credit cards or a debit card can be used to make a deposit. You can also use money transfer services like Paypal, or even Cryptocurrencies. 

In fact you can play the best online gaming options for cash prizes in local currencies or Crypto from anywhere in the world as long as you ensure it’s legal and you’re legally allowed to play, you have an internet connection, a valid or favourite payment method like Paypal or an alternative banking method, and some form of monitor, smartphone, or mobile device.

Of course they all have different rules and methods of play. For those you can navigate to the list of real money games on this page. You’ll find that the software that runs most gambling games is normally of the highest quality and ensures a great gaming experience.

How do you win money playing games?

There are many aspects to consider to win money playing games.

Identify a category of game that interests you – free to enter (example – sweepstakes), based on luck (example – online casino), or based on skill (example – tournaments).

  1. Review the types within that category and decide what suits you.
  2. Find out where you can play (example – find an online casino directory).
  3. Learn how to play.
  4. Practice to make sure you fully understand the game play.
  5. Before you risk anything, consider what those risks of losing are and what that may mean to you.  (hint: any game based on skill is the most likely to get you a positive return).
  6. If it’s not a free game, decide on an amount you would be prepared to lose. Be careful with online casinos here.
  7. Deposit that amount. Keep an eye open for any bonus offers.
  8. Play and enjoy.

How do I fund a gambling or gaming account?

There are some options for free play, but to play most games for real money you’re going to need to make a deposit. This brings you into the sometimes complicated world of payment methods and transaction fees.

One of the biggest problems with online gaming – depending on where you live – is in depositing money. It can be particularly true of online casinos, which is why one of the most asked questions about casino deposit options is ‘do any online casinos accept Paypal‘.

There’s a dedicated page on a wide variety of deposit or withdrawal options that covers Paypal and other types of payment method. In reality there are lots of ways to do this even where there are local restrictions.

Game Specific Questions

We also have a group of questions that are more focused on specific game types:

  • How to make money playing video games at home
  • How to make real money playing video games
  • How to play on Pokerstars
  • How to play online casino games for real money
  • How to earn real cash playing games in India/Philippines 

These are all best answered on the dedicated pages to these types of games……

Have an FAQ about games that pay real money that’s not answered here?

 While the target is to cover all forms of cash gaming, it’s a broad subject and it may not always be possible to cover every aspect even on the most complete blog. If you find yourself short of any needed information at any point most operators have a responsive Customer service team that will help, but at any point feel free to drop an email into my inbox – steve@realmoney.games – and I’ll aim to help answer your query. 

Alternatively you can search a recommended directory like Curlie where there will be many websites listed which cover our subject.

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